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Continuous Growth Through Professional Organizations

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Joining a professional organization is important for our growth as educators and to have the biggest impact on our students. It helps to stay informed of the latest trends, best practices, and to build your support community in physical education. When I was in my undergrad program as a physical [...]

Maximizing the Benefits of a Horizontal Climbing Wall

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Over the years, indoor rock climbing has seen increased inclusion in physical education programs across the country. Horizontal climbing walls, also known as Traverse Walls®, are a popular choice in elementary and middle schools since their 8- or 10-foot heights make them easier to manage than roped vertical climbing walls. [...]

Successful Instructional Practices in Secondary Physical Education

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I use a variety of teaching methods and appropriate instructional practices to provide a well-rounded education to support healthy and academically successful students. My instructional philosophy is age/grade-level appropriate and engages students 100% of the time through activities that are aligned with SHAPE national standards. These practices ensure safety, fun, [...]