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Effective Communication with Students

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Teaching students can be a joy, but each day can present different challenges. You’ll require a certain set of skills to handle these day-to-day tasks, with communication being one of the most important for any teacher. How can PE teachers communicate more effectively with their students? Any instructional communication requires [...]

Strategies for Leading Youth Activities

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We are in the season of summer camps and group activities and it is a time for fun and games for kids of all ages. I thought this would be a good time to share some strategies for youth leaders who may not have the same experience working with kids [...]

Being a Mental Health Advocate in Your School

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Everyone should think about their own mental health, just like they do for their physical health. Students, as well as teachers, can use some extra support to maintain good mental health. Anxiety and depression are surprisingly common in children, and the rates have increased over time. But despite the statistics, [...]

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How Can Schools Encourage Wellness in the Workplace?

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According to this guide on current health and wellness trends, workplace wellbeing refers to “the ability to feel supported and valued in the workplace, and to be professionally content”. It’s important to promote wellness in the workplace and amongst staff to not only support their personal well-being but also their performance [...]