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Successful Instructional Practices in Secondary Physical Education

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I use a variety of teaching methods and appropriate instructional practices to provide a well-rounded education to support healthy and academically successful students. My instructional philosophy is age/grade-level appropriate and engages students 100% of the time through activities that are aligned with SHAPE national standards. These practices ensure safety, fun, [...]

Instant Activities- A Great Way to Start Your Day!

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The first few minutes of PE class can make or break your day. Getting students active from the start is one of SPARK’s main objectives. In many PE classes, students arrive to class only to sit around waiting for the teacher or listening to a long set of instructions. This [...]

Physical Education and the Navajo Nation

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Y’át’ééh from the Navajo Nation. Since 1997, Shiprock Coordinated School Health has used Sports Play Active Recreation for Kids (SPARK) as an evidence-based program for physical education. In working with SPARK curriculums for 18 years as a Trainer of Trainers (T of T). I gained great insights into teaching strategies [...]

Time for Fitness in My Life and My Classes

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Ready... 5, 6, 7, 8 Go! That is how I start so many of my fitness activities as I sync them up with the music. As a secondary physical education teacher at Highland High School in Highland Indiana, I haven’t met a sport or activity that I didn’t like. But... [...]

Getting the Sleep You Need

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Regardless of age, sleep is vital for our overall health and wellness. As a PE or health teacher, you not only want to practice good sleep habits so you feel your best every day, but also so you continue to inspire your students to take charge of their overall health now and long into the future. If you’re having issues with your sleep, try these basic sleep-boosting steps: