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You Never Know When Physical Literacy Will Come in Handy

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Aroo, aroo! I became a Spartan on November 17th, 2018, and physical literacy is what got me through the toughest race of my life. While I’ve done similar activities before, I am no longer healthy or “in shape”. When I was in my mid-30s, my health started to rapidly decline [...]

The G in Professional Growth Stands for Gather

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A rolling stone may gather no moss, but a physical educator must gather resources to stay relevant. Those who prepare well and embrace professional growth opportunities can move beyond relevancy to exemplary.  Let's begin with a question, Do you want to be a really GREAT teacher for your students, parents and administration at your school?  If so, what does [...]

25 Ways to Get Connected, Calm and Active this Holiday Season

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Did you know that across all cultures, there's one common thing that enhances the quality of life? Can you guess what that is? It's having connected relationships. So this holiday season, remember that while taking the time to be kind to yourself and nurture yourself, also enjoy the time with [...]

A Personal Story: Importance of PE & PA for prevention & management of diabetes

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In celebration of National Diabetes Month – I’m sharing a personal story with you.  Purposely making it public that I have Type 1 diabetes is not something which I would have chosen to do as a child with such a diagnosis, let alone early in my professional career. However, I am proud [...]

Finding the “SPARK” in Active Transportation!

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If you know me, you know I am in LOVE with bicycles and kids—actually, any wheeled vehicle that kids can spin around on and be mobile. Bicycles, scooters, unicycles all have wheels. And when you learn to ride, all have fun, freedom, and serve as a functional way for students [...]