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The Significance of Health Education in PE

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Proper health education often falls by the wayside in school PE classes. This is not to say that these classes aren’t helpful. In fact, some data would suggest that they remain necessary. Only a few years ago, a USA Today report on physical education cited studies concluding that PE “is [...]

Tips to Engage Students and Increase Participation in PE

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With the impact of COVID-19 and virtual learning, the importance of movement and physical activity in elementary children is at an all-time high. Physical education is an integral part of the total education of every child. This is especially true at the elementary level where core-foundational skill-building is at the [...]


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As the topic of social justice permeates sports media, a very obvious link to fostering this virtue seems to be going underrecognized: access to physical activity opportunities and quality physical education (QPE) that is standards and research-based, for all students.

The Power of Self-Assessment

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How am I doing? Sometimes we get so accustomed to other people evaluating and assessing our performance that we forget to stop and ask ourselves this very simple, yet profound question.  Self-evaluation is a highly authentic form of evaluation because only the person performing knows their true capabilities and effort. [...]

Move More Please! – 5 Strategies

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Elementary school campuses have many opportunities to provide students with health-promoting physical activity (PA). How's YOUR school doing with this??? Let's agree that as physical educators, we strive to create and maintain environments where every K-12 student has opportunities to accumulate 60+ minutes of PA -- structured and unstructured -- [...]