Friday, April 10th – Amy

From Hilton Head, SC we’d like to introduce Amy Prior. Amy is a Middle School Health and Education teacher and SPARK PE trainer as well as the Southern District Teacher of the Year. Thank you Amy for taking us through today’s #physed instructional.

Thursday, April 9th – Patty

Today’s elementary #physed session – Touch Ten – comes to you from Patty, a SPARK Elite Trainer & Program Coordinator for PE & Teacher Ed at the University of Central FL.

Encourage parents and students to tune in for their daily dose of physical activity!

Wednesday, April 8th – Robert

Introducing Robert from Willows High School in Orland, CA. As a Phys Ed specialist, track and cross country coach, Robert is our highlighted teacher of the day. This workout/class can be done by anyone, however is geared towards our 6-12 grade levels as we look towards a hopeful running season.

Tuesday, April 7th – Jumpin’ Joan (SPARK Elite Trainer)

Our very own Jumpin’ Joan (Elite Trainer) brings you the 1st @SpartanRace #BEUNBREAKABLE Elementary Activity Session! #Physed Teachers & #Parents – Each session addresses @SHAPE_America National PE Standards & Grade-Level Outcomes.


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